Classic 1950’s American Cold War propaganda film. A mother rubs sunscreen onto her son in a bathroom. A teacher stands at the front of a classroom and points to a turtle drawn on the black board. The children duck and cover under their desks. In another classroom, a little girl raises her hand and stands up to ask a question. Shot of soldiers operating a radar array. Several military officials meet around a messy table. Soldiers look through binoculars and see a sky full of airplanes. Kids play baseball on the school yard. A siren rings out and the kids run, leaving the baseball and bat on the ground. The kids file into the building. Kids play football in a backyard then run into the house. A girl walking down the street asks a man a question and they walk to a “Public Shelter” sign. Shot of a siren. Shot of a suburban neighborhood. The flash from a nuclear bomb explosion disrupts the scene.