Medium shot of a man looking confused. He looks at a woman sitting at a table. The woman ignores him. A medium shot of the man standing with his arms crossed inside a factory. He asks what quota is to a man who walks past him. The scene fades out to a wide shot of the man having trouble with his work and medium shot of him being told to work in his lunch hours to meet his quota. The scene fades out. A wide shot of the man at home coming down the stairs to the hallway to go to the Sunday School. He opens the door. Medium shots of a girl, boy and a woman packing belongings in suitcases. A medium shot of the man looking furious. Close up of the girl and the boy explaining how state school, party, collective character, deviationism are important for them. Close up of the man’s angry face. The man forces his children to Sunday school holding their hands. The children calls for their mother.