President Coolidge. Huge cheering crowd at Republican Convention of 1928. Herbert Hoover stands before crowd. Gives speech. Huge portrait of Hoover on flag reading ‘Iowa Welcomes You’. Cars drive below flag, crowds on sidewalk. Men walk alongside one of the cars. Crowd waves small American flags. Al Smith stands in car and waves to the crowd as it drives. Hoover and Coolidge take off hats and smile at the camera. President Hoover’s inaugural speech. Men reading papers. Shot of the signpost for ‘Wall St.’ Neswpaper headline reads ‘Stocks Collapse in 16,410,030-Share Day, But Rally...’ Hustling and bustling on the stock exchange floor. Headline reads ‘Market in Panic as Stocks are Dumped in 12,894,600 Share Day’. Headline reads ‘Stocks Off 5 Billion in Severest Break of Wall St. History’. Headline reads ‘Stocks Crash 10 Billions’.