Open sea, with a small bootleggers sail boat bobbing in the water. Rum runners unload boxes of booze into the water, and next men emerge from the waves at a beach with booze in hand, silhouettes against the sun glare from the ocean surface. The contraband is passed form man to man up into a processing warehouse. The packages labeled oil, are full of narrow bottle of white rum. Rum is bottled from giant gas tanks. A hand does secret knock on a door. ECU of an eyeball peering through a peephole. A hand passes money through a secret door in a wall. Door opens and passes back a flask of whiskey. A hand pulls back blankets on a baby carriage to reveal hidden booze. Man bribes a doorman at a speakeasy and gets entry. Camera pans around a speakeasy full of happy drinkers toasting. Dance floor full of couples. CU on bartender making drinks with seltzer water and bourbon.

Not Explicit