A montage of New York landmarks, focusing on art and culture. Opening with shots of famous buildings in New York. Trinity Church, a High Rise apartment, building, people on a sightseeing bus, Grant’s Tomb, The U.N. building, Grand Army Plaza, people on a bus. An outdoor art fair in Greenwich Village. People looking at paintings laid out on the street. A painter doing people’s portraits. Window shopping. New York Public Library on 42nd street. Montage of street culture in New York. Brooklyn, men and women standing on the street, an boy eating ice cream in Chinatown. Two men dancing with a dragon costume. A Chinese New Year banner. A stop light. Different angles of Times Square and Broadway. The Gallery of Modern Art at Columbus Circle. A woman looking a sculptures. A women walking up steps. People in a sculpture garden. The Guggenheim. The front of the Museum of Natural History. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Detail of a portrait and then a painting.