A narrator discusses how scientists of the world have shared their knowledge to discover atomic energy. An image of Earth rotates against a black background. The narrator explains that no one country can take credit for the discovery of atomic power. An image of the periodic table of elements is shown as the narrator discusses Mendeleev, a Russian scientist who discovered the periodic table of elements. A map of the world is in the background, every time a scientist is mentioned a flag of the country they are from appears on the map over the country. A drawing of a mass spectrometer is shown when the narrator mentions J.J. Thomson the Englishman who discovered electrons. The equation E = mc2 is shown when the narrator mentions Albert Einstein, who was German and discovered the theory of relativity. An illustration of an atomic nucleus is shown when New Zealander scientist and discoverer of the atomic nucleus Ernest Rutherford is mentioned. The equation a+Be C+n is shown when British scientist James Chadwick, whom discovered neutrons is discussed. The equation a+B N C + e+ when French scientists Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie, whom discovered artificial radioactivity, are discussed. An illustration of a neuronic reactor is shown when Italian scientist Enrico Fermi is mentioned. An equation for the mesotron theory is shown when Japanese scientist Hideki Yukawa is mentioned. The equation n+U Ba is shown when German scientist Hans Bethe is mentioned. An illustration demonstrating nuclear fission is shown when Austrian scientist Lise Neitner is mentioned. The narrator explains that this pooling of knowledge is shared by all. All the flags from the map combine to form an atomic nucleus. The narrator explains that when a neutron “strikes” an atom is split and released neutrons split other atoms resulting in atomic energy. An animated sequence shows neutrons splitting atoms. The narrator explains that this power could be used for the destruction or betterment of mankind and goes onto say how the United States used atomic power to destroy Hiroshima.