CU of a piano player’s hands on a keyboard. MS of a young woman descending a staircase in a nice restaurant. She ends up besides the piano. Scenery changes to a fantastic setting. The keyboard the pianist is playing turns into a entrance to a dance hall, with lights and dancers moving about. CU of the young woman, in center, zooms out to a WS of her and other dancers. WS as dancers from right move towards the center stage. A Panning WS of the company of dancers as a waitress carries a tray of Dr. Pepper along side. CU of a couple dancing. The young woman walks towards viewers. Other dancers work around here with various movements and choreography. WS of the group of dancers in front of a larger than life bottle of Dr. Pepper and a glass, as they descend the stairs. Zoom out to a still WS of bottle display and fantasy scenery.