Commercial for W.R. Grace and Company; two men in suits arrive in a hospital room and review debts incurred by a newborn baby; male voiceover: “If Federal deficits continue at their current rate, it’s as if every baby born in 1985 will have a $50,000 debt strapped to its back! At W.R. Grace and Company, we’re not looking for someone to blame; we’re too busy crying out for help! Write to Congress! If you don’t think that will do it, run for Congress! The last thing we want now is our kids following in our footsteps (here, the newborn’s footprint is stamped on the paperwork that the men in suits have brought and reviewed)! For a free booklet on the deficit and what you can do about it, call 1-800-USA-DEBT-”; fade into white text on black background; voiceover: “at W.R. Grace, we want all of us to stay one step ahead of a changing world!”