Commercial and public service announcement for the Aluminum Association; images of the energy crisis plays in background as male spokesperson speaks: “Remember the Energy Crisis of ‘74? That’s when they told us that saving energy was good for the national economy. Well this year, it’s good for your economy, too! (zoom shot of dial for air conditioning unit) Keep the air conditioner off when nobody is at home, or until the temperature goes over 78; (cut to man outside his house inspecting windows) install a combination aluminum storm and screen windows and doors-they pay for themselves in a few years! (cut to zoom shot of insulation in ceiling of house; left foil backed and right fiberglass) Make sure you have at least six inches of foil backed insulation in your ceiling. (cut back to spokesperson) Saving energy makes good dollars... and good sense!”; ext at bottom of frame reads, “Presented as a Public Service by The Aluminum Association.”

Not Explicit