A series of quick CU of still photographs taken from scenes of the movie. CU of a hand on a door knob. WS of undercover police pointing pistols at a suspect in an office. ECU to CU of actor Robert Redford, playing his role. CU of Mr. Redford’s face in an office space. Pan left to still CU of actor Dustin Hoffman. ECU of Mr. Hoffman’s and Redford’s eyes. CU of the two actors looking over material at a desk, zoom out a wider shot of the office. Another CU of the two in an office space, looking over material. CU of Mr. Redford’s face as he talks on the the telephone. MS of a a man (silhouette) walking down a city street. CU of Hoffman and Redford in a car. Still image of two men standing in a dark parking lot. CU of both Hoffman and Redford’s faces. CU from a still photo of a man running down a street. CU of Hoffman and Redford, in dark profile, CU of Hoffman. A CU of Redford’s tense face during a phone conversation. CU of Hoffman sitting, head in his hand. Titles appear.