A CU of an actor’s face (Timothy Bottoms) from the side, as he faces the camera, laughing. A quick MS of him racing his motorcycle towards the camera, cut back to a MS. Motorcycle and actor fly into a body of water. MS of an actress (Susan George) running to a phone in the kitchen of a house. WS of a police car almost tipping over after a collision with another car. Interior view of passengers inside the police car. MS of a collision and explosion of two cars, after a police pursuit. CU of actor’s face through windshield. WS of actor driving along a hillside, wildly, losing control and tumbling on the side of the road. CU of actor’s face, emotionally distressed. CU of young woman’s face as both draw closer. WS of a truck and police car racing each other on a dirt road. CU of actor and actress in the car from exterior view (windshield). CU of both cars banging into each other. WS of a police car crashing through an old barn. Head on view of the police car crashing through the barn, rolling towards us. CU of sheriff, portrayed by another actor. CU of actor riding his motorcycle being chased by the sheriff ( Bo Hopkins). CU of the rider and motorcycle dodging an oncoming train. WS of police car colliding with a train. CU of actress’ face (Susan George) and actor (Timothy Bottoms), embracing, kissing. WS of a police car crashing into a retail store front in slow motion. Title for the feature film appears on screen. WS of two police cars blocking a lane on a highway. POV of driver from another car driving into the two police cars blocking the section of highway. Titles for the feature film appear. VO of narrator describing the plot and roles of the characters in the film.