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Commercial for raisins. Raisins are being poured on stirred white cream. With some slices of bread which have raisins inside, there are three tiny angel statues on the table. They are holding candles. Someone’s hand lightens one of the candles. There is a cookie man on Christmas tree. He has white colored hair and two black eyes. Five black buttons being attached on his body. A spoon of crumbles with raisins. On the dish, there are chicken, pork, beef steak and beans. Hand putting raisins on the other dish. Hand putting a dish of raisins on the table. There is a glass of milk and a card to Santa Claus. Santa’s red glove takes the dish. Raisins being dropped on strawberries and cheese slices. A stack of bread, cookies, croissants with raisins. A pile of cupcakes with raisins. Lots of ingredients and a big container of raisins.