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A man in a business suit looks out his office window and then answers the phone. A woman sitting at a desk in an office typing on a type writter looks at her watch, looks surprised and then begins typing quickly. There are then a series of still photographs. Two men sit in an office, one on the phone the other talking to the man on the phone, a secretary brings in some papers. The man on the phone ends his conversation, a woman is talking at him, he looks like he’s thinking intensely, still photographs of political officials and injured children quickly flash through out the scene. The man who was on the phone walks through the office talking to various people, still photographs of athletes quickly flash through out the scene. He helps with the layout of the newspaper edition that they are working on. A clock strikes midnight, newspapers are shown going through a printing press, the man throws water on his face. The commercial ends with a narrator talking about the newspaper in German.