A male news reporter with a gray suit is reporting something on the street on a windy day. He asks only one but the same question to many passengers for the interview. He stops the passengers. Everybody interviewed says no. He interrupts one man and forces him to say yes to his question. They give a strained laugh in front of the camera.The same person with a black suit. He is practicing an interview with people. The production slate (action shooting slate) sound. Scene #1. While one woman and one man are being interviewed, two policemen come and take over the woman. The reporter man is surprised at the cops. The man who is interviewed blows his nose with a piece of tissue. He collapses in the street. Suddenly, people gather and take a picture of him. At the last moment, the reporter asks the same question to the camera and even the cameraman shakes his camera. The reporter gives up and goes away with the mic.