A motorcycle pulls up and parks stops near the curb. Shot of a can of Coca-Cola is opened and bubbles over. The motorcyclist takes off her helmet and shakes out her long blonde hair. A young boy and girl lean into each other to take a picture in a photo booth. Two women wearing shorts and brightly colored and bold patterned knee high socks walk down a city street. A young man in a truck bobs his head to the radio, looks to the car to his right nods, waves and drives off. A woman wearing a blonde wig looks at herself in the mirror, nods his head with distaste and takes it off. A man drags a woman through mud by her feet. Other people are shown playing in the mud. A group of people hang out at a river and drink coke. A man wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses, sits on a swing and eats an ice cream cone. A young woman flips a man on his back in a karate class. A young man eating a hot dog spills ketchup on his white shirt and looks at it with frustration. A man and a woman smile at the camera. A woman holding a surf board runs across the beach. A woman tries on several different hats. a man and woman play in the ocean together. The woman trying on hats, tries on more hats. A young woman drinks from a bottle of coke. CU of the Coca-Cola emblem on a bottle of coke with the slogan “It’s the real thing. Coke” just below it.

Not Explicit