A box of Mrs. Paul’s Fried Onion Rings. An onion ring does a flip off the top of the box. Relay runners. Runners with their hands outstretched ready to grab the relay stick. A hand passes one of the waiting hands an onion ring. The runner looks at the onion ring in his hand. A man in a beige suit smoking a cigar walks up to a slot machine. He pulls the handle and gets three of the same- onion rings. Onion rings drop out of the machine as his jackpot. The man looks surprised. A woman carries a bowl brimming with onion rings. A construction worker eating his lunch on site opens his lunch box- it is filled with onion rings. People share from the brimming bowl of rings brought by the woman. A child eats a ring as he sits on the edge of a fountain. Hands quickly empty out the bowl of onion rings. A box of Mrs. Paul’s Fried Onion Rings (Party pack). A car pulls up to a gas pump. The attendant holds out half an onion ring to the driver. The driver has the other half and holds it up to the attendant’s half to make a whole. The driver throws up his arms and cheers. He leaps out of the car and the car rolls away as he jumps around in excitement. The words ‘Void where prohibited by law’ read on screen. A blond woman driving a convertible bites into an onion ring. The relay runner bites one as he runs. Someone places a fresh heaped bowlful of rings on a table. A child on a merry go round grabs a hanging onion ring as he passes. A hand grabs the last onion ring in the bowl. A box of onion rings. The words ‘Mrs. Paul’s Real Onion Rings Now Come in a Great Big Party Pack They’re Great They’re Fun They’re Swell They’re Keen They’re Good They’re Nice They’re Round?’ flash on screen.