A 1964 Chrysler commercial. Somewhere in the middle of the France countryside, a truck carrying Chrysler automobiles. The driver and his companion excitedly look at each other,when they spot a beautiful, young French woman riding bicycles. The man in the passenger seat says something in French. The French woman turns around and responds. The truck passes by and the woman waves. Next, the truck passes by a group of children. The children waving goodbye. The truck passes by a traffic sign. Then, the scene changes and they are now in a small town. Driving through narrow streets. The truck arrives right in front of a church at the town plaza. A crowd starts gathering they are all excited. The crowds get bigger as the truck pulls over. The driver opens the back of the truck. And then Chrysler cars come out from the inside of loading space. The waves of cars keep coming out, despite the fact that the truck can only holds possible one to two cars realistically. The town plaza is now filled with Chrysler cars and excited people.