The words ‘World Affairs’ flash on screen. Rapid stills of current events followed by the word ‘Colorful’ in different fonts and sizes. More speeding shots of important happenings and the word ‘Complete’ flashes. Images of JFK among others then the word ‘Clear’ moves back from the camera, then the word ‘In’ and a shot of ‘ The New York Times’. ‘It’s Much’ then a shot of the paper, ‘More Interesting’ more shots of the paper ‘And You Will Be’ more headlines ‘Too’. Final shot of ‘The New York Times’. The word ‘Sports’ moves across the screen. Rapid shots of sporting events. ‘Colorful’ more shots ‘Complete’ more shots including Muhammad Ali. The word ‘Clear’ moves towards the camera, followed by the word ‘In’ then a shot of ‘The New York Times’. ‘It’s Much’ headlines ’More Interesting’ shot of race chart in paper, ‘And you will be’ football scores’ Too’. Final shot of ‘The New York Times’.