Commercial for Delco-Remy Auto Parts. Shot from inside of a car, showing a storm raging in front of a painted backdrop through the windshield. Shot of a hand turning the ignition to start the car. Cut to a car battery. Overlaid animation shows electricity moving down a wire from the battery to the starter motor. Shots of various moving and spinning mechanical parts. The spark moves around an induction coil and down more wires. Shot of the car again, driving down the street through the rain. Windshield wipers work against the rain. Shot of a foot applying pressure to the gas pedal. Inter cut shots of the car driving and sparks moving around under the hood. The man at the wheel lights a cigarette on the car’s lighting coil. He turns on the headlights. Shot of an array of electronic devices. The Delco-Remy brand appears over some of the parts. Brands for Delco-Remy and General Motors (GM) appear on screen.