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Close up of man’s face in the rain barking directions at a football team. He stands up. There is a tackle in the game, the coach seems upset. A player lays on the ground holding the football and appears hurt. The coach gestures wildly and shouts. There is another shot of the game. The coach calls over a young player with shaggy hair from the bench. He kneels by the coach with his arm around him and the coach instructs him on the game plan. The player is next seen running down steps and along a corridor into the locker room. He uses a Xerox machine to copy the game plan. The game continues upstairs. The player runs back up the steps and hands the sheaf of copies to the coach. The coach hands a copy to each player. They are gathered around him. The players return to the field and line up opposite the other team. They each place a xeroxed copy on the ground in front of them or on the bottom or helmet of the player in front of them. A player gets the ball, refers to his xerox, tosses the ball to a player who checks his xerox, takes a step backward, catches the ball and jumps in the air as he has scored a touchdown. Freeze frame on the player mid-jump; the word XEROX appears on the screen.