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MCU of woman talking to off-camera reporter, crowd behind her. Workers with hard hats talking, plain clothes people talking in LS and MS. CU of woman as tears roll down her cheek and she wipes them away. Behind the back shot of men in hard hats facing a mangled, destroyed building in the background, portion of green emergency van seen in foreground. MS of feet kicking pieces of rubble. Soldiers in green uniforms in MS and CU, two men in white coats walking away from camera. LS of green uniforms with scrub/face masks on amidst rubble; camera pulls back to a woman in the foreground doing a news report. MS of women in face masks; CU. CU of man talking to reporter. Tilt down of inside of large church. CU of man’s silhouetted profile; prayer candles in the background. CU of man. CU of prayer candles.