Contras soldiers in Nicaragua during the Nicaraguan Civil War of the 1980’s. A soldier looks through binoculars over lush, green hills. Helicopter takes off. A tank camouflaged with undergrowth sits on a street. An empty street of small houses. A tank stands on a hillside. A truck with men standing on the back speeds done the street. Close up of a very young soldier watching them. A soldier carrying a bag walks slowly. Close up of a fire around which soldiers stand. Soldier tying up his boots. A soldier prepares a white drink. A camp in the wilderness. Soldiers walking through the jungle. Soldiers and a man in a shirt point at and rub the ground and speak to each other. The camera moves through the soldiers and their camp. Soldiers ride down a body of water standing in a long wooden canoe. They climb up a slope on to land.

Not Explicit