Brown dirt ground, small wire fence in middle of the screen, with small buildings off to the side. 4 men (some with hardhats) placing a stretcher off the bed of a truck into a hole in the ground; other vehicles visible in background; camera zooms in a bit. Two uniformed military men facing camera. More military men talking to each other; one points off screen toward camera and the other follows his line of sight. 4 civilian men talking and smiling. Shot of explosion, with time code at the top of screen; begins with two small plumes of smoke and then another much bigger one that overtakes them both. Much longer shot of larger smoke field. LS of a crowd of people behind a orange rope watching. Even farther shot of very large smoke cloud rising upwards (Neutron bomb test in White Sands, New Mexico). Camera quickly pans over hole in the ground. Some test going on with plastic bags and smoke and metal bars standing upward. Tank with a group of people in civilian clothes gathered around. LS of lines of people walking out in a desert; a couple buses are seen.

Not Explicit