A montage of striptease clubs’ signs. A shot of a woman doing a striptease show in a men’s bar. The men sit on the bar and drink alcohol. A shot of a man and a woman getting out from the bar with the text “Nobody’s immune” superimposed. A montage of striptease clubs’ signs. A point of view shot of the clubs from a driver’s seat. A shot of the driver, a young man, driving slowly and looking at the street with all the clubs. Voice over of the driver speaking about his sexual life. A shot of a woman standing on the street and looks like a prostitute. The young driver slows down near the woman, the woman leans on the car window. The woman enters the car and they drive away. A tilt down from a small bronze woman statue to a framed photo of a beautifully smiling woman. A shot of the young driver sitting on a couch in a homey living room with a photo album on his knees and looking at the woman’s photo. The man holds the photo and keeps on speaking to the camera.