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Opens on a smiling man standing beside a car with a crude map of the world on the wall behind him. He begins speaking and the words ‘Open every day 6am to midnight’ appear on the screen. Camera pulls back revealing the man to be standing in a car show room. The word CARS is printed largely beside the map. The salesman turns to one of the cars, lifts up a sign on it’s hood that says ‘$790’. He walks to the next car which has a SALE sign on its windshield. He reachs a Volkswagen Beetle and lifts a sign on it’s hood that says ‘$1,280’. He walks out of frame, the camera holds on the VW. We can now see the word USED is written before the word CARS on the wall behind the cars. The man walks back into frame, and stands beside the car beside the bug, which has a sign saying ‘72.00” on it’s windshield. He speaks to the camera and smiles.