5. American Lung Association "Lion": a close up on man holding a lit match lights a cigarette, cuts to an annoyed lion, man takes a puff of smoke and blows it into lion's face, lion pulls away, lion pounces forward, tape rewinds as man puts the cigarette back in its case and throws away the cigarette, lion's pounce rewinds, 6. American Lung Association "Mass Transit": cuts to close up of auto headlights and fenders in motion, cuts to an overhead shot of a traffic jam, cars reduce and disappear, there are people in place of where cars used to be, people form into organized rows and board onto one bus, bus drives away, perspective shot of bus emerging, 7. American Lung Association "Twins": twins are juxtaposed, twins leave their homes and enter board their cars, twins behind desks at work and at home juxtaposed, one twin smokes and the other one doesn't