Commercial for The Mickey Mouse Club. Cartoon face of Mickey Mouse appears on the screen. Mouseketeers are dancing on stage. Pluto is falling off a roof. Donald Duck is standing on a dock holding a toy boat. Chip and Dale are on a boat. Mousketeers watch as a person is shot out of a cannon. Mickey Mouse is bounced in the air on a trampoline. Dumbo files through the air. Commercial for Great Adventure Theme Park. Shot of a large Ferris wheel in the midst of trees. People are smiling and walking into the theme park. Clowns are walking on stilts, CU of clowns' faces. Little girl laughs. People ride in a log ride and on Ferris wheel. Dolphins jump hoops, horses are trotting around an arena. Man stands on a stagecoach and falls off after he pretends to get shot. Shot of zebras, ostrich, elephants and people on a carousel. Commercial for Great Adventure. Ferris wheel is in the midst of trees. People are walking into the amusement park. Girl eats an ice cream cone. People are on the carousel and clowns are on stilts. Clowns are pretending to be firemen. Ferris wheel turns, CU of people riding Ferris wheel. People are dancing. Shot of hit air balloon stat says "Great Adventure." People ride on the tilt a whirl, roller coaster and log ride. Overhead shot of people in a theater watching the dolphin show. Dolphins jump through hoops, synchronized high divers do flip off high dive and land in the water. Shot of jousters on horses, a chariot race and western show where man on stagecoach pretends to get shot. Zebras cross the road, rhinoceros runs into a field. A monkey sits on the hood of a car. Three giraffes stand together, Shots of elephants and bears. Ostrich peers over hood of car and puts face right up to the car window. Shot of a Ferris wheel at night.

Not Explicit