A group of men and one woman sit inside an office. A man in a suit, tie and handkerchief in his pocket presents drawings of homes being constructed next to trees. The silhouette of his hand is seen pointing at each picture. Men in coats in hats are later shown shaking hands on empty land. A man pushes a wheelbarrow next to piles of rubble, later unloading bricks from it at a building site. Men work with foam for insulation as another sprays a hose while wearing a gas mask. Doors are manufactured on a production (assembly) line, and men drive on moving equipment. A man stands on a ladder as walls are put up, then two couples walk across lawns next to the finished houses. A large construction site and lawn chairs are seen next to a scale model home being observed by a man wearing a sailor ‘s hat and uniform with a woman. A military officer (veteran) and his wife walk down a sidewalk with a baby carriage (stroller) at the end of the clip.