Hilarious car commercials highlighting the “cool factor” that certain cars seem to offer.Business man with a paneled wagon has a mid-life crisis and trades his suit for some disco wear and his wagon for a custom Ford Econoline van with flames painted on the sides. Inside of van is covered in shag carpet and love seats for “his special friends.”He’s a mustanger now. Surfer runs by and kicks sand into the faces of a young couple. Albert buys a Ford Mustang convertible and becomes one of the cool guys. Emily’s a mustanger too. She goes skydiving. If you’re ready to kiss dull driving goodbye see your Pontiac dealer. Girls jump all over a Pontiac parked on the street. Banned 1970 commercial for the Dodge Charger 500. A couple is parked in their car on the beach. Sex symbol taps on the window and climbs in the car. The two drive off into the sunset. “You could be Dodge Material.”

Not Explicit