A woman sits at a bar, and asks for a drink. The short bartender, wearing a white tuxedo refills her glass and then gets out a wide bottle and sets it on the bar. Above the bar is a silhouette of a couple dancing. The camera does a close up on the bottle and there is a tiny woman inside of it. The camera returns to the first shot to show the bartender doing some magician gestures, which cause the woman in the bottle to dance. The scene changes to inside the bottle, where a clothed blond woman is dancing on a dark stage to muted horn music. The camera splits the frame into five, and now there are five shots of the woman arranged in a circle on the screen. Each shot of the woman moves in a clockwise circle. The shot changes back to an elderly couple, also inside the bottle, who are sitting on a bench while laughing / guffawing in a creepy manner. Laughing sound effects obscure the music. The last shot in the bottle is of a silhouette of the young bottled woman dancing. The camera pulls back to the bar scene, and the dancing woman’s silhouette is now on the wall where the couple was dancing before.

Not Explicit