Shows commercials meant to illustrate, or bring to mind, "vitality." Commercials are from major corporations.

Eastern Airlines: The Wings of Man. A jogger in sweats, a hoodie, and glasses is running clumsily by the water.

Pepsi: Montage of people in action - waking up, jogging, pull-ups, exercise bike, jumping rope, riding a bike, golfing, hailing a taxi, dancing in a sprinkler, and Pele the Brazilian soccer player jumping up in the air in front of a large Pepsi logo.

Budweiser: A skier wearing a Budweiser jacket jumps and does a large aerial, front flips, and carves a large turn in the snow. She skies into the lodge where her friends are waiting with a beer. CU of hand opening can and foam exploding from the can's top. Group sits around a fireplace drinking beer.

National Beer: People on a yacht goofing around, drinking, socializing, and enjoying the sun and each other's company.

McDonald’s: Group of workers in construction hats play football, catching, throwing, tackling and laughing. Then they head to McDonald’s and bite into some burgers.