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Part of a film about mutual funds. This is a slow montage of shots illustrating our economy and industry. The is a shot of an oil well from far away, a train going by some smokestacks, a building with smokestacks, a complex electrical grid, a turbine and gears turning, large machinery close-ups, a welding machine or some kind of metal cutting machine. White, bald, men inspect a machine, a male doctor looks through a scope, a female secretary writes at a desk, a druggist or pharmacy doctor measures something, a woman at a safe, a male technician at a machine with dials on it, a man looks through a microscope, people sit on an airplane, a man sits at a desk wearing a suit, a machine cuts and collects grain, a woman is talking on a telephone, a woman is baking food, a man looking at a large machine, a man working up high with wires, and a man in a car. Next there are shots of various books and brochures, and a woman sitting in her home thinking.