Talks about robot arms and legs produced by British industry. Shows a man in crutches, missing a leg, walking (ha) into facility. Creation of a prosthetic leg for a patient with amputation below the knee. The artificial limb is made out of metal, leather and a plaster cast, and is inspected by a surgeon and clinic technician. The patient is taught how to walk again with the new limb. Shows patients standing up on their own, dancing, playing ping pong. Shows patients with artificial arms doing carpentry, wrapping packages. They have hooks instead of a prosthetic hand, and it is a bit more difficult to learn to use than a prosthetic leg. Double amputated arms are even more difficult to use. Nearly 100,000 British people, such as ex-servicemen, have been fitted with artificial limbs in 10 years time. Shows amputees returning to normal life, walking about and riding bicycles, thanks to prosthetics.

Not Explicit