Oddball Films is a unique stock footage company specializing in offbeat footage. We have an extensive collection of rare, entertaining, eclectic and eye-opening subjects, as well as classic archival, historical and contemporary clips to support your project. Our images have been used in feature films, television, music videos, industrials and multimedia projects worldwide.

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Merrily Tripping Into 2017

Our offbeat archives and world-wide client base keep us digging deep into our archives. Here are our...

Highlights of 2016

Our archivists and researchers kept busy all year. We are providing hippie tour bus footage for Martin Scorsese’s production of the Grateful Dead doc Long Strange Trip. We have quirky 1970s and 1980s playback commercial footage in director Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women starring Annette Benning. And to cap it off, we provided vintage commercials for Matt Ruskin’s upcoming indie feature Crown Heights; look for our footage when it premieres at Sundance. Hint: You’ll see it in a sped up montage of various 80s commercials.

Oddball unearthed rare interviews of acclaimed gay author Armistead Maupin for SF filmmaker Jennifer Kroot’s upcoming doc Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin. In Stanley Nelson’s newest doc, Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Oddball Films researched and provided iconic black power salute footage.

An additional archival project that showcases our neighborhood in an earlier era includes 1980s Mission district footage for SF filmmaker Terry Zwigoff’s pot comedy Budding Prospects for Amazon.

For the acclaimed television show, The Americans, Oddball Films sourced 1980s footage of Soviet Union breadlines for playback in a scene.

A New Series

In 2017 we will be presenting a new event series. Our weekly series has come to a close and we will now be focusing on select seasonal events. Our seasonal seminars and cinema soirees featuring writers, directors, and curators continues and we will also be presenting some special out-of-the-ordinary events later in the year. Our premiere event, Pop Music Explosion: Film Footage Fantasia on March 16, 2017, is a cinema soiree with Richie Unterberger, author and musicologist.

We also hosted a beginning near the end of the year as SF celebrity filmmaker and impresario Marc Huestis premiered our new series: Oddball Films Seasonal Seminars consisting of lunchtime lectures and presentations on films and filmmaking. Marc is an award winning filmmaker and longtime social activist; he cofounded the San Francisco Gay Film Festival (now Frameline). Huestis graced Oddball Film’s cine-stage divulging his dirty secrets of underground filmmaking centered around his cult masterpiece Whatever Happened to Susan Jane? (1982). The event was a resounding success; two classes from local colleges attended. These film students all had the opportunity to learn directly from a local filmmaker that not only answered their technical questions about the use of stock footage, but generously shared anecdotes, stories and tips on film making that would never appear in a textbook.

Throughout 2017, look for more filmmakers, producers, directors and other footage professionals to present their work and showcase their unique perspectives on the stock footage profession here at Oddball Films.

Award Winning Filmmaker Screens Oddball: A Doc About Us!

Oddball is a fabulous four-minute capsule of the strange world of Oddball Films and its director Stephen Parr, utilizing a whole slew of Oddball's own footage. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Joshua Moore Oddball is slated to screen two nights this February at SF Indiefest.