Begins with cop cars rushing towards a crime scene in Mumbai, India at the Hotel Oberoi Trident, with their sirens flashing. There are several people standing outside of the hotel as an ambulance pulls up. Many soldiers wearing camouflage and holding huge guns are being trucked in and positioned around the hotel followed by several shots of the hotel itself. These shots are followed by shots of the Taj Hotel fire, with several birds circling around the building as it burns. Several journalists and police forces are scene laying on the ground are trying to communicate with one another, and are walking around with bullet proof vests. Shots follow of the fire department trying to put out the flames. Following those shots are shots of police removing bodies from structures and loading them into ambulances and the hostages at the Hotel Oberoi Trident being released and an interview with one of the hostages before a bus shuttles them away. The last shots are showing the aftermath of the burnt Taj Hotel.

Not Explicit