These are scenes of military vehicles such as motorcycles, tanks, and armored trucks driving down streets. There is also footage of fighter plans shooting at practice targets. It starts with a MS of military personnel standing around armored vehicles. A CU of a line of parked fighter planes with personnel standing on the left side of the screen. A CU of military personnel talking, smiling, and laughing. A shot of a convoy of motorcycles coming toward the camera and disappearing of camera on the left. The convoy moving away from the camera driving down the road. A tank driving down the road along side a line of people with camels and mules. A CU of the moving tank. A close up of a camel and then a pan to the moving tank. A CU of a boy with a camel watching the Tank. A dimly lit CU of a palm tree then a pan to the tank as is moves along in the setting sun. A MS of a convoy of trucks driving toward the camera on a road in the desert. A shot of the convoy driving away from the camera. A close up of a military jeep driving along the road towing a canon or mortar launcher. A POV from a motorcycle driving in the convoy. A MS of troops in a hole lined with a sandbag wall preparing to fire a mortar. A man with a helmet on looking through binoculars at something off to the right of the screen and then using a old fashioned bull horn to give orders. Troops in a truck waving at the camera as the convoy passes the camera. A MCU of a men standing around a pilot checking his suit. A panning CU of a old military prop plane taking off. A soldier walking toward the camera walking along the left side of a barbed wire barrier. A shot of the motorcycle convoy. A car with a swastika flag on the hood driving toward the camera on a road as people on the side of the road wave. A CU of a soldier standing guard. More soldiers on trucks waving at the camera as they pass. A convoy of armored vehicles with three wheels on each side coming toward the camera an disappearing to the left of the camera frame. motorcycles moving along the road next to a barbed wire barrier. A shot framed through the barbed wire barrier of a truck driving along the road. A dimly lit shot of a prop plane about to take off. A shot of a tree bending in the strong wind. A POV of a plane firing upon a practice target in the desert. A plane flying in the air. A POV of a plane firing at a practice target in the desert.

Not Explicit