A man is on a sled being pulled by a group of Husky dogs through a field of snow. The man is whipping the air to control the dogs as he moves through the snow. This is footage from an expedition to Greenland. Next, we see more sleds with people pulled by dogs, and some of them are loaded up with cargo. There is a shot where the camera is mounted on a sled as it moves across the tundra. A shot of the tracks left behind the sleighs. An intertitle reads, “Professor Wegener and Universal Newsreel Cameraman Dr. George.” There is a shot of each man, it’s hard to see their faces because they are backlit with the sun behind them. One of them is holding a dog. Another intertitle reads, “An illusion of the North - Three Suns.” Then a shot show how along the horizon it looks like there are three Suns in the sky. Then there is footage of men exploring a glacier. Landscape of snow covered mountains and what looks like an avalanche into water.

Not Explicit