Footage shows mostly children hanging out, goofing around, or playing with various toys - all during the '70s.

Moving shot of toy race car track. CU of red and yellow toy race car. CU of little girl blowing large bubble gum bubble. MS of little boy sleeping in a sleeping bag on the roof of a house. CU of little blonde girl with soap bubbles all over her face. CU of a kid stepping on a toy car. MS of various toys left on the ground including a fire truck, dart board, baseballs, toy cars.

Aerial shot of white kid in hoodie and black kid with afro on pogo sticks on basketball court. CU of white kid taking hands off the handles of the pogo stick and holds up peace signs with both hands. CU of pogo stick hitting the ground. MS of both kids smiling and jumping on pogo stick. WS of large group of kids standing outside of a school.

A white and Asian boy stand in the foreground playing with yo-yos. CU of a child rolling up a yellow yo-yo. Two shot of a boy with brown hair and bowler haircut and a boy with blonde wavy hair stand next to each other playing with yo-yos. The boy with brown hair does fancy tricks. MS of a Nun laughing and playing with yo-yo. MS of an Asian girl playing with a yo-yo in front of an ethnically diverse group of kids.