Newt Gingrich stands at the podium of the House of Representatives making a speech about Democrats being the reason that bipartisanship can't happen in Congress. Gingrich mentions the repeal of section 89, the minimum wage, the living wage, and the earned income credit as things that could be worked out if the democrats in Congress would give the Republicans some fair rules and grounds on which to debate. He goes on to say that as long as the Democrats, "act like a machine, our language is likely to stay strong". The Speaker OF The House, Tip O'Neil, tells Gingrich his time has expired. Gingrich then hands his time over to Helen Delich Bentley, the Speaker approves and Newt walks away from the podium. Cut to a wide shot of Newt speaking to an empty House Of Representatives. He talks about health insurance being affordable for business owners, but poor workers cannot replace their employer insurance for individual insurance. He finishes his speech by mentioning that PL section 89 can't get onto the floor for a vote, but democrat sponsored bills can get fast-tracked to getting voted on by the House Of Representatives. This clip contains many angles of Newt Gingrich talking to an empty chamber.

Not Explicit