Man holds up a portable tape cassette player to an array of microphones as members of the press listen to a SLA recording released as part of the Patty Hearst kidnapping incident. A man's voice, most likely "General Field Marshal Cinque" ( Donald DeFreeze) proclaims judgments againest the United States and says he is acting as a "Court of the People". Audio jumps around as shots change to CUs of reporters taking notes and listening to the tape. Blonde reporter writes in notebook. Voice discusses evils of capitalism and US based war economy. He calls out the Hearsts as enemies of the people and says that oppressed people have the right to attack such enemies. Tape continues that in order for Patty Hearst to be released the Hearst family must perform a good faith gesture which involves giving food to the poor (The People in Need Program). He talks about humanity and compassion before mentioning that he is willing to kill Patty and lose his own life for standing up to his ideals.