The first scene of this clip is the continuation of the rally at Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley seen in clip 13182_005_pt3 and 13182_005_pt4. A protestor discusses how, "The spirit which built People's Park is stronger than gas and clubs." The next seen is of then California governor Ronald Reagan speaking at the St. Francis. He is saying that the role of Government is to let the people decide what they want. The next shot is of army trucks and cars passing by on a street in Berkeley. The National Guard has been called in and soldiers stand with their rifles drawn. Several striking shots of soldiers pointing their bayonets right at the protestors. Nice zoom out on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley of National Guard soldiers and trucks moving down the street. Nice brief shot of a line of solider with their guns drawn. Next is a brief long shot of Sather Gate with students walking by. Then an extreme close-up of a policeman wearing a gas mask as protestors look on concerned.

Not Explicit