The soundtrack is all ambient noise of protest and the violence between Police and the protestors. A little girl prances through People's Park as police stroll by. There is a black and white shot of a protestor climbing a telephone pole with the People's Park sign on it. Police wearing riot masks move in as construction workers dug up parts of the park with bulldozers and backhoes. Protestors look on and Police get more violent pushing protestors down and chasing them in the street. There is a great shot of a policeman in riot gear firing a tear gas canister into a ground. Protesters respond by throwing rocks. There is a close-up of one protester who has a book entitled, "Handbook of Revolutionary Warfare" in his back pocket. Shot of a flyer on a telephone pole that states, "What to do if you are arrested?". Ends with a long shot of police firing tear gas into the crowd of protestors and a quick shot of the police who are next to a few photographers and press wearing gas masks.

Not Explicit