Establishing shot of young people on the UC Berkeley Campus walking towards and away from Sather Gate, which is in the distance . Shot of people walking along and crossing the street at Telegraph Ave. Shot of police three officers, one with mustache, standing in a circle talking to one another. Medium shot of interview with long-haired hippy type kid who talks about cops and marijuana initiatives. Close up shot of hippie guy and girl in a crowd smoking weed out of a pipe. Close up of a man in a suit talking about how enforcing marijuana laws is a low priority but how that does not mean that the use of marijuana is legal in Berkeley because of state law. Close up interview with the same long haired kid from before, he has long curly hair and a beard. He describes how marijuana users are not hurting anyone and that he will smoke again in public even if he gets another citation. He says that it would be a crime against people in Berkeley. Cuts to a medium shot of young college types smoking weed in a group sitting down. Various close ups of people smoking joints.

Not Explicit