Shot from overhead of large float going by in street with “Ferdinand” written on front. A man and horse are on the float. Camera tilts up and down as float goes by. Cut to shot of a second float going by, this one with a tiny moving carousel on top. Shot of a smaller float with a giant wheel in the back and a person waving. Shot of a much larger elaborate float like a large car with wings. Shot of a float with a girl in a dress holding a cane on it, and a small cottage behind her. Cut to shot of people walking down the street twirling batons. Shot of glittering float with girl on it, cut to shot of band marching down street in uniform. Shot of California’s Playland float with children on seesaw and swings. Cut to shot of two men standing on shiny float that says “the spirit of youth.” Another float with a glittering shoe on it goes by. Cut to shot of man on horse, camera tilts up to show crowd on other side and signs hanging above them as well as telephone lines. Cuts to shot of float with giant swans on it. Cut to float with little house with smoke coming out chimney. Cuts to float of giant orchid with women sitting in and around it.

Not Explicit