B-roll of American troops in combat in Vietnam. WS soldiers shooting guns from a tank. Pans over to a CU of soldier shooting rapidly. Either machine gun fires with huge kickback or the tank hits something in the forested terrain. Shot of tank moving forward under some brush cover. CU hands firing machine gun. POV shots from tank moving forward with other tanks moving in the frame. Side shots of a front line of tanks progressing into an open field. CU of gun fired repeatedly. CU of hands loading gun, shouldering it, firing. Shot trained on rather distant explosion. MS of injured man being treated for a back wound. Medic bandages him. Shot of a helicopter lowering, preparing to land. Shot of a combat doctor cleaning a man’s face, wiping it. Shot of a black medic bandaging the chest of a downed soldier, who has bandages across his head, back, and shoulders. LS of men on foot walking through somewhat covered terrain, with a tank driving behind them. Shot from behind of a soldier on a tank holding a gun ready. High angle overhead shot of foot soldiers progressing.

Not Explicit