Camera man loads film on a perch that is part of a theater marquee high above Haight Street. The Grateful Dead is playing in front of “Metz Superior Doughnuts” in San Francisco. Police officers wearing helmets monitor the crowd on Haight Street, and a blue bus passes. People watch from outside their windows. A man carries an acoustic guitar in the crowd, and many are seen dancing. The police arrest a hippie near their police truck, then the signs for Ashbury and Haight are displayed. Children spin in a circle and draw with crayons on the asphalt. Two dogs play near a mess of fliers, and a sign reads, “Vote Viet Cong in 1968.” A funeral march is led next to a police car in the rain. People are seen carrying a flower wreath, a large cross, and umbrellas. The clip ends with the words, “What happened to to the Summer of Love?” written in red.