This clip is of a cartoon character gas attendant named Stan throwing a baseball in the air that moves across the screen to illustrate words related to the quality of the gasoline produced by Chevron/Standard Oil Co. of California, as well as where to find the gas. Stan is a small cartoon man in outline with a hat and bow tie indicative of a gas station attendant. He stands in the middle-bottom of the screen with a glove in hand as the VO begins. He pulls a cartoon zipper down from the top of the screen, revealing text that states “Sign of the CHEVRON”, which the voiceover indicates is the place you should stop at for a new driving experience. The Chevron stripes appear as the text disappears, each stripe drawn as the VO explains that the stripes represent the three types of gas the company produces. The Chevron stripes disappear, and Stan catches a baseball as the text “Methyl power” comes on screen. The ball flies in from the right as Stan has moved to the right side of the screen in this next shot. The ball soars above him to spell out “Chevron dealers” before it drops below to draw the logo. The ball flies up again as the text “Standard stations” appears, following the motion of the ball. The baseball drops back down and bounces into Stan’s glove, which he then throws, glove and all, off screen as the clip comes to an end.

Not Explicit