This clip has footage of a protest at Berkeley about nuclear testing. Open on LS of students lifting a large sign: “FOR HUMANITY’S SAKE Stop All Nuclear Tests”. They carry it across a square. MS of a bearded man sitting, Cut to a shot of a mother before a baby carriage. CU of a student speaking, followed by a MCU of the same student with nuclear weapons sign in BG. In LS, a man hands out pamphlets, then in MCU a man eats a sandwich amid a crowd of people. Next, a MS of the mother once more. CU of a student just as the camera pulls back and focuses in again on the sign. Shots of the sign being carried, another shot of the man giving out pamphlets. Various shots of students around the square speaking to one another. MS of Sather Gate with a suited man handing out papers. MCU of a man speaking. MS of a seated man, zoom in on his armband.