Begins with MS of a van driving down the street. Cuts to MS of horses in the snow pulling a tractor with a man sitting in it. Cuts to WS of a farm with a wind spinner, snow is on the ground. Cuts to WS of horses pulling farm equipment with a man sitting at the front in the snow. Cuts to MS inside what appears to be a furnished van, a man sits on a chair and two women sit at the back, someone off screen holds a microphone between the three of them. Cuts to WS of people standing and clapping, a sign reading ‘Gary Hart’ hangs in BG. Cuts to CU of Hart speaking into a microphone. Cuts to MCU of Hart speaking. Cuts to MCU of Hart speaking inside a cafe, a rolled up piece of paper is in his hands, women can be seen at a table in BG. Cuts to MCU of Hart and Stephen King at a table with microphones, posters with ‘Gary Hart’ hang on the wall behind them, and the words: ‘Bangor, Maine’ appear at the top of the screen. Cuts to MCU of the same scene from the right side of the table. Cuts to CU of Stephen King. Cuts to MCU of the 2 men at the table, King is speaking. Cuts to MCU of Hart and his wife in a store, Valentine’s Day decorations hang in the BG, they each hold large red hearts. Cuts to MS of two men between bookshelves reading. Cuts to CU of a book titled: ‘The Loneliest Campaign’, a man’s hands holding money is visible. Cuts to MS of Hart. Cuts to MCU of a woman being interviewed outside, snow in BG, people stand behind her. Cuts to MCU of Hart with vans behind him. Cuts to MS of the woman interviewed earlier and Hart in front of a van, zoom in to a book titled: ‘It Can Be Done’. Cuts to MCU of a news anchor, the frame within a frame features a photo of Walter Mondale next to the Democratic Donkey with the word ‘Endorsement’ over it.

Not Explicit