Emergency rescue workers in flooded river holding on to a rope. Group of men sandbag the banks of a raising river. Two firefighters kneeling by a tank. Group of people receiving lectures inside a train. Tracking shot from the air of an elevated road on fire. Pan shot of a fire engine and a fire fighter on the street. Wide shot of two men carrying a man on a stretcher. Medium shot of a tank being sprayed with water. Close up of a booklet; ‘Community Emergency Response Exercises’. Medium shot of workers in an office with many monitors. Pan shot of a man being carried on a stretcher inside a hospital with some kind of neck injury. Medium shot of a nurse and a shot showing groups of police men getting lecture. The camera zooms out showing a huge bridge in the background and two tank lorries in the foreground. Low angle shot of a train approaching. ‘Moving Hazardous Materials Safely’ appears on the screen. No audio.

Not Explicit